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Understanding Contemporary Asian Pacific, edited by Katherine Karp (Lyne Riennwr, Publisher, Boulder and London. 2021.  My Chapter ‘Population and Urbanization, pp 293-321.

Routledge Handbook of Urbanization in Southeast Asia, edited by Rita Padawangi (Routledge, Oxford,  2019)

My Chapter: ‘Knowledge, Creativity and the City’

Planning Asian Cities: Risks and Resilience

Edited by Stephen Hamnett and Dean Forbes (Routledge, London,  2011)

paperback   eBook version

Our Chapter: ‘Risks, Reliance and Planning in Asian Cities’

Sustainable Development in China edited by Curtis Andressen, Mubarak A.R., and Wang Xiaoyi (Routledge, London,  2013)

My essay ‘China’s Cities: Reflecting on the Last 25 Years’

Planning Singapore. The Experimental City. Edited by Stephen Hamnett and Belinda Yen (Routledge, London, 2019) . My endorsement on the back cover.

Australian Overseas Aid: Future Directions, Edited by Phillip Eldridge, Dean Forbes and Doug Porter 2020 (Routledge, London & New York. A new print of the book). I was an Editor and contributor.

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Project Artistica

#7 The Socialist City Vietnam

#6 Grey Suits and Red Stars: Vietnam 1983

#2 Place, Emotion, Memory: Papua New Guinea

#1 Port Moresby: university days


Times Higher Education

Humanities and social sciences will wither if they retreat into ideological corners‘ 8/12/18

Could limiting foreign influence also limit overseas income?’ 30/8/18


Books and Writers

Book Reviews & Commentary    2015-2021      2008-2014

Tim Baker The Rip Curl Story New!

Angela Woollacott Don Dunstan. The Visionary Politician Who Changed Australia New!

Matt Flinders, Philippa Sandall and Gillian Dooley Trim The Cartographer’s Cat

Paul Genoni and Tanya Dalziell Half the Perfect World

Anne Summers Unfettered And Alive. A Memoir

Geoffrey Blainey Before I Forget

Peter Greste The First Casualty

Alan Bennett Untold Stories

Bob Carr Run For Your Life

Hugh Riminton Minefields

Clive Hamilton  Silent Invasion. China’s Influence in Australia

Gareth Evans Incorrigible Optimist. A Political Memoir

Philippe Paquet Simon Lays Navigator Between Two Worlds

Bernadette Brennan A Writing Life: Helen Garner


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