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  1. E P H E M E R A

  2. Random Thoughts and Speculation

  3. It is eye-wateringly cold in Sydney today. If anyone says it proves global warming is not happening I will explode. The Commentary page in the WkNd Aus does, of course. But they are funsters.   

  4. 23 June 2019

  5. The way in which the police launched the raid on News Corp editor Annika Smethurst was chilling. It is not a good sign for our democracy or our freedoms of speech. We should all be concerned

  6. 8 June 2019

  7. Evolving a strong, yet nuanced, connection with China is a high priority. Trump’s foreign policy  ineptitude has to be managed.  Essential the FM Marise Payne gets this right.   

  8. 1 June 2019

  9. What comes next? The government has to set out its priorities for the next three years. They must be honest and reveal how they will address the difficult issues such as climate change.

  10. 22 May 2019

  11. I blogged through the 18 May election. It wasn’t easy keeping up. Like many I       

  12. thought Labor would win, especially with a boost in sentiment from Bob Hawkes’ passing.

  13. 22 May 2019

  14. Twitter and some other social media are in meltdown over the results of the election

  15. 20 May 2019

  16. The Liberal National Party has won the 18 May election, with a significant and unexpected win in the House of Representatives. Congrats to Scott Morrison. Labor leader Bill Shorten has resigned.  

  17. 18 May 2019

  18. Saturday is election day. Who will be the next Prime Minister? Tanya Plibersek will win the Sydney seat in the House of Representatives. A ridiculous 105 candidates for the Upper House in NSW.

  19. 15 May 2019

  20. Following senior ministerial defections, Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill will face a no-confidence vote next week. PNG needs a new leadership team. It’s time.

  21. 4 May 2019

  22. Labor will win the 18 May election with a small majority in the Reps. The Liberal National Party might have squeezed back in if it had a credible policy framework to deal with climate change.     

  23. 4 May 2019

  24. The Sri Lanka bombings remind us yet again of the dangers associated with murderous radical religious groups. More must be done by the leaders of the major religions to stop the violence.

  25. 22 April 2019

  26. Election day approaches so the media shift further to the left (the ABC, Nine Fairfax group, the Guardian) or the right (the Murdoch press and the ranting TV and radio shock-jocksI). I avoid them.  

  27. April 2019

  28. North Korea is restoring rocket sites while China’s bullish behaviour in the South China Sea continues. Trump is distracted and unlikely to have a positive influence on either situation.

  29. March 2019

  30. How can governments nullify the impact of the most dangerous incarcerated terrorists from across the political spectrum? Sadly, a viable humane strategy is urgently needed.

  31. March 2019

  32. ABC journalists’ political affiliations: Greens 41.2%; Labor 32.3%; Coalition 14.7%; other 11.7%.

  33. Not a good look, ABC.

  34. March 2019

  35. March 2019 56% in the age range of 18-24% favour a ‘mostly socialist’ system. 22% of over 65’s also. Where is this going? Harvard Caps Harris Poll.

  36. March 2019

  37. Identity politics is a growing concern. Some say it will continue to increase in importance. Will this

  38. introduce a new distortion into public policy and development?

  39. March 2019

Foreign aid. Is it of declining importance for government and the community at large?

March 2019