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  1. E P H E M E R A

  2. Random Thoughts and Speculation

  3. Election day approaches so the media shift further to the left (the ABC, Nine Fairfax group, the Guardian) or the right (the Murdoch press and the ranting TV and radio shock-jocksI). I avoid them.  

  4. April 2019

  5. North Korea is restoring rocket sites while China’s bullish behaviour in the South China Sea continues. Trump is distracted and unlikely to have a positive influence on either situation.

  6. March 2019

  7. How can governments nullify the impact of the most dangerous incarcerated terrorists from across the political spectrum? Sadly, a viable humane strategy is urgently needed.

  8. March 2019

  9. ABC journalists’ political affiliations: Greens 41.2%; Labor 32.3%; Coalition 14.7%; other 11.7%.

  10. Not a good look, ABC.

  11. March 2019

  12. March 2019 56% in the age range of 18-24% favour a ‘mostly socialist’ system. 22% of over 65’s also. Where is this going? Harvard Caps Harris Poll.

  13. March 2019

  14. Identity politics is a growing concern. Some say it will continue to increase in importance. Will this

  15. introduce a new distortion into public policy and development?

  16. March 2019

Foreign aid. Is it of declining importance for government and the community at large?

March 2019